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Date added: 2016-10-13   Times played: 464

About Agar.io

Agar.io Let's experience Agar.io unblocked game and try your best to conquer the leaderboard right now! Agar.io is also the competitive battle in which you have to manage to help the own cell eat all of the colored pellets that you see on the map. They are the main food which helps your character become bigger. Once you realize that you have enough mass and necessary skills, you can embark on a larger combat. And you are possible to hunt smaller and even trap giants. Splitting and ejecting are the major strategies that you can use to absorb their body. When you are a huge cell, you need to keep away from viruses because they can make you explode. To control every situation, you can look for and read tips. You can add Agar.io mods. They are great when providing to you many choices. They are available for you to create own skins and use our custom skins, hide nickname to better see your image and much more. Hope you will get a lot of funny moments!


Agar.io unblocked is a massively multiplayer game for you to play free online at school. Feed a cell and grow it into the biggest player to climb up to the top spot. 

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