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Date added: 2016-10-18   Times played: 42

About Spheroids

Spheroids Let's play Spheroids unblocked game for free at home and school! The final mission that you need to complete is to reach the highest position in the standings. Take on the role of a small starship you will start the first challenge in a vast universe where always contains a large number of planets in different size. They are one of two enemies that you must avoid. If you don't stop and run into them, your health will be decreased very quickly. You should note that there will be no friction in space. Thus, you should use and control thrust carefully and slowly. Don't cause any crash in Spheroids or you can die soon! To improve your ability, you can boot powerups when the corresponding squares turn orange. Besides, you are possible to shoot down every enemy ship on the map. You can activate powerups when you choose the proper time. Click on the blank at the upper left corner to chat if you want. There are still a lot of iO games reserved for you on Hoodamathgames.org. Have fun!


Use the mouse and Space to thrust, W to fire, number keys to activate the power-ups.

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