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Date added: 2016-10-19   Times played: 93

About Wilds.io

Wilds.io Wilds.io unblocked is an awesome free-to-play multiplayer online game. In which, you can roam around a massive land to explore the own battle. The mission that you need to complete is to destroy all of the opponents in the opposing team. Not only that, you also need to kill every monster that you meet on the way to defend your life and survive. After you spawn in Wilds.io as a barbarian, you should move and find the target instantly. Next, swing the axe that you are equipped to fight against the enemy. There are a lot of items, power-ups, and even weapons. Try to collect them as fast as possible before the others obtain them! In this iO Games, you can realize the presence of small dots which have different colors. They show you the current situation and the existing people surround you in the allowed radius. Let's explore and end this combat with the best result now! Have fun!


Use WASD to move, left click to attack, right click to kick or crush the slain enemy, hold right mouse to run, Space to jump.
Wheel up to roll forward or slide, wheel down to leap back, Enter to brag, right click + wheel up to shockwave, right click + wheel down to whirlwind.

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