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Date added: 2016-10-21   Times played: 129

About Geoarena

Geoarena Geoarena unblocked is a unique multiplayer game to play free online at school or home. Before you embark on the real combat, you need to pick the ship, weapons, skill, theme, and the mode that you like most. However, you also must ensure they can meet your demand during the challenge. The objective that you will have to implement when you embark on your iO Games is to defeat every enemy to become the champion. You will spawn in a grid map where you will face a lot of players worldwide. It is the place that you must show up your shooting ability to destroy the target, too. The big white circles can be the ideal items for you to hide and avoid assaults. In Geoarena, you can upgrade your power or speed and level up. They are the important elements help you win quickly. There are still many interesting secrets waiting for you. Good luck!


Use WASD to move, click to shoot, Shift to change weapons, Space to activate the skill, Kill Neutrals to level up.

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