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Date added: 2017-07-27   Times played: 56

About Puble.io


Feel free to show off your strategic and surviving skills in Puble.io game now! This is a great Strategy IO game online that sets you in a vast arena filled with orbs and bubble boats. You take control of your own colored boat in a bubble around collecting the food orbs for your growth as well as a high score on the leaderboard. The more orbs you consume, the bigger you are! You must always have your skills and strategies ready to deal with the opponents. Try to throw the hook on your boat at the enemies, kill them all then quickly grab their dead remains to develop your size faster. Don’t get hooked by your rivals, or else your game will come to an end. When you have a large amount of mass, you can freely make a speed boost to run faster if you want, but once speeding up, your mass will be reduced a bit, and you have to collect more orbs again to keep your score and size. Are you up for this? Check it out now!


The mouse is used for controlling your bubble boat around. Click left mouse button to throw the hook, and use the right mouse button for a speed boost.

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