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Date added: 2017-08-28   Times played: 38

About Loomen.io


Loomen.io is a new IO game that is very identical to Agar.io! You will play as a small glowing orb moving around the arena to eat up the scattering orbs in order to develop your size. The biggest difference of the game is that it doesn’t have enough lights. You roam around in a dark arena, and can only see the surroundings through a lantern that you are equipped with. Try your hardest to keep the lantern safe and attempt to eat up as many orbs as possible so that you can gain a better sight. While you are hunting for the food orbs, just make sure that you will keep your orb away from bigger enemies, or else they will eat you up, which brings your journey to an end. You can totally consume the orbs that are smaller than you. Eating them will help develop your size faster. Let’s launch the game now then see how long you can last!


Use the mouse to take control of your character around the playfield.

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