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Date added: 2017-09-01   Times played: 42

About Oceanar.io


Swim around a vast ocean in Oceanar.io as a solitary fish that is trying to build up his fish army. This free for all IO game brings an interesting adventure to you! Start to move around the arena carefully, eat up all the food orbs as well as smaller fish in order to gain more fish. Try to create a strong squad of fish so that they can protect you from other tough enemies. You’re supposed to elude larger groups of fish, if you run into them, make sure you will run away from them quickly, or else they will eat up all fish soldiers you have collected, causing your game to come to an end easily. Attempt to kill as many smaller fish groups as possible to increase your score, then, you can climb the top spot on the leaderboard to rule the entire arena. Get ready now and begin your challenges!


Use the mouse to move your fish around the map. Click left mouse button to assault the enemies, and combine the smaller fish into the bigger ones by using the right mouse button.

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