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Date added: 2017-10-23   Times played: 26

About Oib.io


Oib.io is one of the most difficult Strategy IO games for online players to come and enjoy. You will engage in a tough battle against lots of opponents from around the world. Once spawning into the arena, you will start building up your army and attempt to command your soldiers properly so that they can defend your queen from the assaults of opponents. Make sure you will spawn more units, regroup or even split the entire squad in order to get rid of the enemies before they slay your queen. Your units must be upgraded through over time, which will strengthen them more and more. Also, you can feed your soldiers to ensure that they are able to vanquish any rivals standing in their pathway. If your queen gets defeated, your game will come to an end instantly. The main objective is to survive longer and gain the dominance of the entire arena.


Choose your army and a unit by using the mouse. Tap spacebar to choose all units. Press arrow keys or keys WASD to move the camera.

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