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Date added: 2017-10-26   Times played: 20

About NitroClash.io


NitroClash.io is a Team-based Sports game online in which you will join a football match with a lot of friends from around the world. You will also experience the Racing elements in this IO game too. With 3vs3 games, you will be able to defy more opponents and take a chance to show off your abilities. Try to move around the map carefully, find then push the ball into the enemy goal to increase your score. You are highly recommended to use the nitro boost prior to shooting the ball because it will give you further strength. You shouldn’t rush too much, or else you will come to a failure easily. Be sure to predict the movements of the ball and players, protect your goal all the time, and stop the enemies from scoring. If you score more goals than your opponents do, it will be a higher chance for you to become the winner! Have fun, guys!


Direct your character around the map by using the mouse. Use the mouse for boosting. Press spacebar to brake, change the fullscreen camera with key C, focus camera on player by using key X.

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