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Date added: 2017-11-03   Times played: 667

About Gats.io


Gats.io is a unique Shooter game opening up a savage gunfight for you to experience. In the game, you can choose your favorite weapon, armor and color before beginning your combat. Try to move around the map to kill all waves of enemies while defending yourself. Go to the middle of the map to take more points, but make sure you watch out for the surroundings when you get there since the enemies can ambush you. Don’t let them do that, or else you can’t increase a chance of survival. You have to earn your points from killing the enemies. The more of them you slay, the higher points you have. Then, you can use them to unlock a lot of perks as well as special skills. Your speed can be based on the types of weapon you choose. Heavier weapons make you move more slowly, while the small ones can help you go faster a bit. Your goal is to survive longer, track your score and climb the top!


Use the arrow keys or mouse to move. Click left mouse to shoot, and use key R to reload. Tap spacebar to use the power-ups.

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