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Date added: 2017-11-06   Times played: 50

About Starflict.io


Starflict.io is an Asteroids game online set in a vast galaxy filled with stars, stardust, and enemies. Give this awesome Space game for free a try to experience many challenges. You will start controlling a star around the arena to gather as much stardust as possible. The more of them you pick up, the more upgrades you can earn, which will boost your strength more. This IO game also allows you to dash into your opponents when you confront with them. Be sure to time the dashes carefully, kill them all then quickly steal their stardust. But if you can’t defeat the enemies, you need to make an escape by searching for the blackholes. They will take you to another spot on the map and your life will be saved. Try your hardest to develop your orbit, then other planets will become attractive to you, which brings you a lot of power-ups. It’s your main goal to become the best star of all! Enjoy the game!


The mouse is used for controlling your star and gathering star dust. Click left mouse to dash.

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