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Date added: 2017-11-09   Times played: 36

About Bomby.io


In the world of Bomby.io game, all players will become adorable emojs that go around the map to battle against each other. Engage in this amazing Power-ups game that is free for all now to explore fantastic challenges. As an Emojo, you need to go collect a lot of jewels, then kill your opponents by planting your bombs nearby them. The Meanies are very dangerous too, so make sure to dodge them all, or if you have tactics, you can destroy them with your bombs too. With a lot of jewels you pick up, your bombs can get stronger, helping you finish off more meanies. Don’t forget to find the “Poo Hat” because this item can help you scare away Meanies when you pass by them or close to them. Attempt to increase your score to become the number one on the leaderboard. Join this IO game now and start your challenges.


Control your emoji by using the mouse. Click left mouse to release bombs, and click right mouse to speed up.

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