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Date added: 2017-11-27   Times played: 15

About Painty.io


In the vast arena of Painty.io, all players have to control their own tanks around the map to shoot at each other. This is a great 2D Shooter game with great challenges to conquer. You need to use your Strategy and show off all skills you have during the combat. Direct your tank carefully to pick up food orbs, and fire bullets to kill generated triangles as well as opponents that are moving near you. If you don’t shoot them fast, they will get rid of you. When you’re out of fuel, try to pick more orbs to refill it, then, you can continue fighting. Don’t touch any triangles, or else you will die. Also, there is a star-like monster that sometimes spawns. You can chase and kill it if you want. This IO game features many tanks with different appearances, and you can unlock them when you reach further levels. Attempt to gain your experience so you will be able to level up faster. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats by spending your points. Defeat all of enemies, climb the leaderboard then rule the arena.


Your tank can be controlled around the map with keys WASD or arrow keys. Fire all enemies by using the left mouse button.

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