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Date added: 2017-11-29   Times played: 8

About CastleArena.io


CastleArena.io is a nice RPG Strategy game that sets out a battle between you and your opponent. When the game has just started, you will use your given budget to purchase some buildings and unit cards. Position them in your territory carefully then send out your troops to fight against the enemy ones. Don’t let any of them enter your realm, or else they will destroy your castle. Keep in mind that the buildings are more cost-efficient than the troops, but they can’t be fast. You are supposed to time your assaults, by doing so, your rival won’t find it easier to defend it. Your unit cards won’t give out income or wood, so make sure you utilize your budget wisely. The main goal of this IO game is to get rid of the castle of your enemy so you can become the ultimate winner of this combat. Are you ready? Start the challenges!


The mouse is used to click, drag and place the buildings or send out your units in the game.

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