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Date added: 2017-12-01   Times played: 52

About Stba.io


Stba.io (standing for Strike Tactics Battle Arena) is a savage shooter game online taking you to a fierce battlefield. Prepare your skills and tactics in advance for this combat and see if you can through all challenges or not. You will begin as a basic troop like Javelin or the Manta, then try your hardest to defeat all opponents so that you can unlock further troops that are much better, such as the Harpy and the Gladiator. You need to team up with your friends to knock out stronger rivals. Also, you have to support your teammates when they are struggling against enemies. The goal of your team is to demolish the Command Center of the rivals before they get rid of yours. Watch out the health of your Command Center! If its bar reaches down the zone, you must come back to it to give a full protection. Enjoy it!


Keys WASD are used for moving your units. You have to use the mouse to make the Peregrine and bomber to move. Click right mouse to shoot alternate guns of the Gladiator and some other units. But you have to use the left mouse to fire the main weapons of some other troops. Use number keys to use the skill of the units, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

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