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Date added: 2017-12-04   Times played: 11

About Superballs.io

Superballs.io is a nice classic pool game consisting of Multiplayer elements and it has been added to the IO games series. The game will test your potting skills, so take this chance to show them all. You have to search for the standard balls and enemies, then, quickly pot them all to increase your points. Normally, if you pot a standard one, you will get 25 points, but if you pot other rivals, 100 points will be granted to you. There are several nice abilities you can use such as ghost, swerve, multiplier and boost. Each of them performs different functions. The ghost will make you invisible to others, while the swerve can help you swerve out of harm’s way, the multiplier gives you more points while the boost can help you speed up. Be sure that you stay watchful for the golden ball, and if you pot it, you will get a strong bonus for a time. Good luck!


Click left mouse to charge your power, and click right mouse for the max power. Use key Q to use ghost skill, key E to use multiplier. Speed up or slow down with keys W/S, swerve left or right with keys A/D.

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