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Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

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Date added: 2017-12-05   Times played: 22

About Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale is a 2D Shooter game that lets you destroy all enemies in the same arena. Become an aggressive player and undertake that mission now. In this IO game, hunger is your big risk, along with the opponents. So if you don’t know how to get past all of them, you won’t succeed in ruling the arena. Try to roam the map carefully picking up a lot of items on the ground, then use them wisely to deal with the rivals. You can play as a solitary fighter if you want, but you can also form a group and work with other teammates to defeat the stronger enemies. You can use the collected items to craft items or barricades so they can give you full protection. Don’t let your HP and Food bars decrease to 0, or else you will meet your doom. Are you up for this adventure? Let’s join it now!


Use keys WASD for moving around the map. Use the mouse for aiming, click left mouse for using the items.

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