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Date added: 2017-12-06   Times played: 28

About Papers.Scissors.Rocks


Papers.Scissors.Rocks is a team-based survival game opening the battle between the teams, such as Paper, Scissors, and Rock. These teams have their own objectives! The Paper must go chase and catch the players in team Rock. The Scissors must try to catch the Paper, while the Rock will go after the Scissors. If you succeed in catching an enemy, he will become a new member of your team. Make sure you will elude the enemies that are trying to kill you. Don’t let them surround you in a corner, or else you can’t escape and will die after that. If you catch players that have higher scores, you will earn more scores. Use the boost if you want to speed up, but make sure you won’t misuse. Just use it when you do feel a need. The main objective of this IO game is to obtain the Gold Crown to become the winner!


Set a direction in the game by using the mouse. Boost your character by pressing spacebar.

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