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Date added: 2017-12-07   Times played: 14

About Playrps.win


Rock, paper, and scissors is a famous game in real life, and now you can enjoy it with lots of opponents in Playrps.win game! The game is free for all, so join it whenever you want. You have to follow the familiar rules and keep them in your mind during the game. The rock will go destroy the scissors, the scissors go kill the paper, while the paper is chasing and killing the rock. Try to take control of your character carefully to chase your enemies. You can dash and if you have the power-up of reset cooldown throughout the dashing time, you will be able to perform a double dash. Be sure to utilize the phantom mode to deal with the opponents that are trying to kill you. There are up to 100 levels in the game. Every single of them will buff your speed and give you one skill point, then you can use it to enhance the dash distance, cooldown decrease or even earn a new life. See how long you can survive!


Move your character by using the mouse. Click right mouse to dash.

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