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Date added: 2017-12-09   Times played: 78

About Powerline.io


If you already play Slither.io or Splix.io, then be sure to check out a game called Powerline.io which is similar to those previous IO games. You also control your snake around the map to collect the orbs dropped by the dead players so as to increase your length. There will be lots of opponent snakes in the same arena, so you must dodge crashing into their lines, or else your game will be over instantly. But you can use your tactics to lure them to run into your own line. This way of killing is so similar to the killing system in Slither.io. You can even create electricity or speed up your character to get an edge over others. With a long tail, you can use it to encircle your enemies, which makes them unable to escape. You have to be on the lookout for the environments because ambushing is easy to happen, and you won’t be able to handle the sudden assaults from the rivals. Try to rise to the top spot on the leaderboard! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to take control of your snake in the game.

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