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Date added: 2017-12-29   Times played: 24

About Sharkz.io


Isn’t it wonderful to become a hungry and aggressive shark in Sharkz.io game? This is a great Ocean-themed Upgrades game in which you roam the map as a shark trying to absorb as many smaller creatures as possible to increase your food chain. The creatures in the game are so various, including weaker sharks, hammerheads, squid, together with other types of fish. It’s unavoidable to bump into enemy sharks that are stronger than you. In this case, you just quickly get out of their sights and do whatever it takes to keep your shark safe, or else you will get eaten. No one likes to be eaten! Hence, defending yourself is very important! You can sometimes become invisible to others if you hold key Shift. Nobody will see you unless you are in front of somebody. Try your hardest to stay alive as long as possible, then, you can build your dominance! Have fun!


Use the mouse to take control of your shark around the map.

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