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Date added: 2018-01-04   Times played: 22

About Skribbl.io

Skribbl.io is an online game where you have to draw and guess the words. There are several rounds you have to undergo, so you must show off your abilities to other friends and try to become the ultimate winner when the game finishes. Everybody has their own turn to select the word and draw stuff relating to that word. When it’s your turn, you have to quickly draw good stuff, then, send your hints to others so they can guess what it is. If lots of them figure out what you are drawing, you will earn a lot of points. Vice versa, when someone takes their turn to draw, you must quickly deduce and brainstorm to guess the accurate word. The faster you guess, the higher point you will earn. You can chat with friends in the game, make friends with them if you want. Play this IO game now! Have fun, guys!


Use the mouse to draw and type the words using your keyboard.

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