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Date added: 2018-01-09   Times played: 5

About Spheroids.xyz

Join another awesome Space-themed game online called Spheroids.xyz and use your skills to conquer all challenges. You will pilot a spaceship around the galaxy to fight against other opponents for a chance of reaching the top ranking on the leaderboard. You see that there are so many small planets scattering around in space. You shouldn’t collide with them, or else your ship will take damage. When the corresponding squares become orange, you can trigger the power-ups! Keep in mind that the powerups will absorb a lot of power, which is from the orange dots. Stay watchful for the black holes since they are too dangerous, and you can be swallowed by them in just a bit. There is no friction in space, which makes you find it hard a bit to control. Try to utilize your thrust wisely so that you can reduce your speed! Survive longer and gradually build your dominance!


To thrust, you have to use spacebar and the mouse at the same time. Press key W to fire enemies. Use number keys to activate the power-ups.

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