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Date added: 2018-01-16   Times played: 10

About Rocketblitz.io


Prepare yourself for a fierce war in space in a fantastic 2D Shooter game called Rocketblitz.io! You will engage in one of two teams and have to direct a spaceship to fight against other opponents. If you join the game as a guest, your spaceship is able to launch a default rocket launcher weapon which can kill the rivals. But if you sign up, you will be armed with many ships. Try to work with your teammates to get rid of the enemies that are in your sight. Teamwork is a crucial factor that can lead you to the victory. Your main goal is to seize the territory in the shape of planets that are being dispersed around the map. Make an attempt to achieve this goal first so you can become the lord in space. Show off your excellent abilities, conquer all challenges and win the combat! Play this IO game now!


Direct your ship around in space by using keys WASD. Fire your weapon by pressing spacebar.

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