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Date added: 2018-01-23   Times played: 2878

About Kazap.io


Start to battle against lots of enemies in Kazap.io! This is a great 2D Shooter game packed with actions. You will control your ship around a vast arena in order to gather energy orbs to increase your size. When you reach size 30, you will gain a better field of view, and when you reach size 60, people will see you on the navigation mini game, meaning they can go to your place to battle against you. But once you grow your size, your power is developed too, so you can use it to fight off the rivals. Develop your strategies through over time, use them wisely to outsmart others, survive longer and climb the top to establish your dominance. Surely this Space-themed Asteroids IO game will give you a lot of fun! You can even prove your excellent abilities as well. Let’s jump into it right now! Wish you luck!


Use left/right arrow keys or keys W/D to rotate your ship. Shoot your thrusters by using down arrow key or key S. Press key K or X to shoot your weapon. Tap spacebar to speed up, key Z or L to brake.

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