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Date added: 2018-01-27   Times played: 16

About Battlestick


Battlestick game brings a savage gunfight between the stickmen to you. You will become one of them trying to kill your rivals while protecting yourself. Join this 2D Shooter MMO game right now and see how long you can last. In the game, you are armed with some powerful weapons which must be used wisely to destroy the enemies. Also, you have to prepare some strategies in advance, then develop them through over time so you will be able to deal with the dangers around. Be sure to control your stickman carefully, let him jump this platform to another one when he fights against the enemies. You can release a satchel charge or blow it up if you want. Keep an eye on your HP bar, and try to regain the HP so you can stay alive longer in this combat. Let’s give it a try now! Hope you have fun with it!


Move your character with arrow keys or WAD or ZQD. Use key S or down arrow key to regain HP. Shoot enemies with the left mouse, release a satchel charge or explode it by using the right mouse. 

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