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Begods Online

Begods Online

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Date added: 2018-01-29   Times played: 9

About Begods Online

Begods Online

You take on a role of a cute alien sitting in a rounded spaceship and controlling it around the map in Begods Online game. This is a nice 2D Shooter Asteroids game giving you a chance to meet new players as well as battle against them. Feel free to roam a vast galaxy with your spaceship so that you can gather a lot of precious ores and minerals for more XP. This quest has never been an easy one because you will bump into so many opponents who are doing the same task! Try to shoot them down when they get in your sight, defend yourself from their bullets and focus on leveling up. With a lot of points you earned, you can spend on many upgrades which boost your spaceship more. Show off all abilities you have and go through all challenges in this IO game. Good luck to you all


Just simply use the left mouse button to move your spaceship around in space.

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