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Date added: 2018-01-31   Times played: 12067

About Surviv.io


Surviv.io is a Battle Royale game online that can be played for free in your own browser. You will become a solitary survivor who has to protect himself from against lots of other enemies. For your defense and to fight back the rivals, you must roam the map carefully gathering some weapons, picking up some stuff as well as other handy supplies, then quickly use them in a smart way. You are only allowed to bring two weapons at a time, also because of the limited size of your backpack, the amount of ammo and items are so restricted to bring. When you engage in a fight, you should use your tactics to deal with the rivals, be a sneaky player, or an aggressive one trying to fight them off. Don’t forget to use a bandage or booster to regain your health. You have to survive in the safe zone that shrinks to become the winner!


Use keys WASD to control your character. Aim at the enemies using the mouse, and click left mouse button to shoot them all.

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