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Date added: 2018-02-06   Times played: 10

About Celestia.io


Celestia.io is a Space-themed Strategy game inspired by Agar.io. You take control of your own celestia around a vast galaxy in order to collect the food orbs or kill the enemies and turn them into your foods so you can get larger. Compared to the foods, eating the dead orbs of the defeated enemies will make you grow up faster. However, it will be riskier to do so because you have to make sure that you will conquer them, or they will take you out. When you are a large celestia, you won’t be able to move fast, causing you to become very vulnerable to assaults by the enemies. Be sure to protect yourself all the time, and don’t turn your celestia into a prey of others. Try to shoot at their projectiles straightly to stop them from attacking you and make them your food. The game goal here is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard!


The mouse is used for moving your celestia. Click left mouse or press spacebar or the right mouse to boost.

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