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Date added: 2018-03-12   Times played: 68

About Snix.io


Snix.io must be the next success of the classic Slither Style games online. It will remind you of the famous Slither.io with amazing challenges, nice graphics, awesome features and an addictive gameplay. You play as a cunning snake that likes to kill other enemies to gather their remaining for a long tail. Gather points as much as possible, then your tail will get longer, also you can begin to move more quickly. With the long tail, you can use it to get rid of the opponents, and there are some good ways to do that. Try getting them trapped, cut across their heads when they least expect it, circle them with your body, which forces them to crash into your tail. It will be very fun to chase the top scorer snakes to trap them! If you succeed in killing them, you will earn a lot of their remaining. Will you become the best snake of all? Try it now!


Keys WASD or arrow keys are used to control your snake around the map.

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