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Date added: 2018-03-13   Times played: 26

About HexSweep.io


In HexSweep.io, you have to use your good strategies to battle against your opponents in order to expand your realm as well as snatch up theirs. This Strategy game lets you begin with tiles with 0 value. This is a sign that lets you know no mines are around you, so feel free to expose a lot of tiles around it. The initial mines can be found easily by looking for the tiles that have the value equivalent to the count of the unexposed adjoining tiles. Just mark a tile that is probably a mine! You can seek the tiles that have the value equivalent to the number of marked mines around. If the value is the same as the mines around, this means the rest tiles around are not the mines. You can feel free to expose them. Try your best to earn the highest score so you will get to the top spot on the leaderboard easily. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move around the map. Click left mouse to expose a tile, click right mouse to mark a mine.

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