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Date added: 2018-04-06   Times played: 32

About Shootem.io


Start to shoot down all opponents that get in your way and protect yourself from them in a nice 2D Shooter game called Shootem.io. An addictive yet challenging shooter game online is right here for you! The game drops you into a vast city where you have to roam around locations to hunt for the enemies, and once you catch sight of them, just quickly wipe them out! You can feel free to cause as much destruction as possible, place numerous walls, demolish the entire map and stay alive longer until you get to the top of the leaderboard. You spawn in the field with just a basic pistol, so it’s better for you to find new weapons, such as flamethrower, machine gun, sniper, shotgun, and rocket launcher. Make a good use of them so you can finish off all enemies, especially the tough ones. Can you dominate the whole city? Prove your skills now!


Move your character with arrow keys or WASD. Click LMB to fire enemies, use RMB to place wall. Press spacebar to collect items or hop in a car.

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