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Date added: 2018-04-07   Times played: 17

About CastleGlory.io


Take a chance to join an epic real-time Strategy game online called CastleGlory.io then try to show off your strategic ability. The game opens a battle for you and enemy trying to destroy the castles of each other for an opportunity of winning. Your military deploying skill is very important here! You must position your forces wisely then let them protect your castle as you try to take down the enemy one. The game features a wide range of various units, such as spearmen, swordsman, horseman, catapults, and archers. They all have their own weaknesses and strengths. Also, you should place a lot of walls, mage towers or even destructive tesla towers. Be sure that you also make enough woodcutter as well as goldmines in order to develop the resource production. Your game goal here is to rule the entire arena. Can you make it come true? Play it now! Good luck to you!


Just simply click to deploy your units and interact with towers.

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