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Date added: 2018-04-12   Times played: 16

About Bango.io


Try to become an excellent footballer in Bango.io! You will have a chance to meet various opponents from across the world in this nice Sports IO game. Feel free to challenge them to a football match and try your hardest to prove your abilities to them. Start to dribble the ball carefully, then shoot it into the enemy goal to score a point. Your team has a goal too, which must be defended all the time. Stop the opposing team from scoring their points, or else you won’t have a chance to win. Make sure you team up with your allies properly, prepare some strategies in readiness, and use them wisely to get an edge over others. Another important thing is that you should always keep a stock of boost. The game goal is to become the ultimate winning team. Get yourself ready for this match now! Good luck to you!


Direct your avatar using the mouse. Click left mouse button to speed up, and use the right mouse or key C to dash. Press key X to brake.

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