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Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy

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Date added: 2018-04-14   Times played: 2

About Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy

As a new idle strategy game, Bellum: Legacy will get you through further challenges with a brutal battle between you and others. This IO game was remade from Bellum.io. Your main task is to defeat the star bases of your opponents for the control while protecting your bases from being attacked by them. Military Power (MP) is a crucial source of Bellum. You are supposed to earn it as much as possible when you first spawn in the arena. Buying lots of units is also a good way for you to create more MP, but to buy them, you have to take over more star bases. You can’t do this all alone yourself without the help of others. So try to team up with some friends when you want to destroy tougher enemies. Climb to the top spot on the leaderboard no matter what it takes since this is your main goal!


Use the left mouse button to interact with units, click to earn Military Power.

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