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Date added: 2018-04-17   Times played: 13

About Flagz.io


Play with your friends from around the world in a Flagz.io which is a Sports Strategy Team game online. You have to work with some friends to take over the flag of your opponents, then, take that flag to the base you are armed with in order to achieve a victory. This sounds so simple but it takes a lot effort to master. You can’t move quickly while carrying a flag, so you need to defend yourself and pay attention to the surroundings. Keep your own base well-protected all the time! This will help you stop the rival from taking your flag away. When the flag is carried by you, if someone is coming close to you, make sure you drop the flag quickly then stay in the safe zone that is around the flag. Your life will be saved if you do this. Will you become the best flag carrier? Give it a go!


Use keys WASD for the movements. Drop the flag by pressing spacebar.

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