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Date added: 2018-04-23   Times played: 31

About Flaap.io


Flaap.io will surely take Flappy Bird game to the next level when it provides the players with amusing moments as well as awesome challenges. Instead of flying through the world full of pipes alone, now you will race against a lot of enemies from across the globe. You take control of your own flappy bird and try to get it through all dangerous pipes that can end your game instantly if you hit one of them. These pipes have different heights, which will be very tough to control your bird. Also, another thing is that you stop clicking your bird, it will fall down, and the game will be over. For every pipe you pass, you will earn 1 point. Therefore, you need to reach a further distance for a lot of points, then, climb your way up the top spot on the leaderboard. An interesting feature in this IO game is that you are able to evolve your bird into the stronger one after you get over 10 points. Let’s get ready for the challenges now!


Just click your bird continuously to help it fly.

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