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Date added: 2018-04-24   Times played: 6

About Jukegame.io


Jukegame.io is one of the best capture-the-flag games that you must try playing! There are two matches you can engage in, including classic and deathmatch, so choose your favorite one before you officially enter the battle. In the classic mode, your goal is to earn 3 points before your enemy does. Try to become the juker who will finish the match first in the table, then you will be able to increase your ranking score. For the goal in the deathmatch mode, make sure you become the flag carrier throughout 10 seconds so as to grow your points. Or you can try to vanquish all towers that have the golden flag. Similar to the classic mode, you must also become the one ending the match first, then upload your ranking score. Be sure to perform your excellent skills, work with your teammates so as to beat the enemies easily. Good luck!


Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Press key E to perform a special move. Pass the flag using spacebar, chat with key Enter and use key T for the team chat.

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