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Date added: 2018-04-26   Times played: 16

About Namcap


Namcap must be a fun game that reminds you of the famous classic game about the yellow circular dots eater roaming around a complicated maze. In this Multiplayer Maze game, you will engage in a combat between team yellow and team ghost. Choose your side before starting the challenges! For the team yellow, you guys need to consume as many green dots as possible for a lot of points. Feel free to confuse your chase by releasing a blinding item. Don’t forget to eat a pill so you can fight off the ghost. But for the team ghost, your main task is to absorb the yellow players, then steal their points. You cam ambush your enemies by breaking a wall, also, you should absorb a pill for more points with additional wall breaker items. Try your hardest to outsmart your enemy team, survive longer so you will be able to reach the top for your maze domination.


Just simply control your character by pressing the arrow keys.

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