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Date added: 2018-04-27   Times played: 35

About Cubee.io


Cubee.io puts you in a strange world where you must survive and conquer a lot of challenges. This awesome 2D platformer game promises to test your surviving abilities. In this randomly generated world, you have to start constructing your base which provides you with good defenses. Besides this, you need to collect a lot of food, then, use them to recover yourself when you are running low on health. You may come across lots of enemies during the game, so make sure you collect rocks and throw them to the rivals to take them out before you get annihilated. Getting through this world is not an easy thing at all when starting everything from a scratch is what you have to do, and if you don’t prepare some good strategies in advance, you may not be able to survive longer. But let’s not give up! Try to conquer them all and build your own kingdom!


Move around the world using WASD. Press key Q to use a sword, key 2 to throw stones, key 3 to eat food and key 4 to build a block.

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