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Date added: 2018-04-28   Times played: 18

About Gartic.io


Show off your drawing and guessing-word skills in Gartic.io which is a fun free-for-all Strategy game. In each round, you take your turn to draw something for your friends to guess. You can send some hints to them so they can find the accurate word faster, but remember if you give more hints, you won’t receive many points. Similarly, when someone is drawing, you should brainstorm inside your head to get the right word, then, send your guess as fast as possible for a lot of points. Aside from guessing, you can use the chat box to text your friends and share a lot of good stuff if you want. The most important thing here is that you should prove your excellent drawing skill as well as guess a lot of right words. After all rounds, the one who obtains the goal of points will become the ultimate winner of the game.


Just simply use the mouse to draw things and type your guesses using the keyboard.

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