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Date added: 2018-05-02   Times played: 16

About Orbs.it


Orbs.it is a challenging Agario Style game in which 8 players have to fight against each other for the control of 24 orbs when orbiting around a central sun. You need to click one orb, then click at a target position to fire from your orb. If the bullet strikes another orb, you will be able to control it. You can use a superbomb and a shield to your advantage, especially when you face tougher enemies. Additional power-ups will be available for you when the game is advanced. Always keep in your mind that your orbs need to be bunched together instead of dispersed around the map. If they are scattered, the enemies will take this chance to steal your orbs. The players that have no orbs left will be totally defeated and kicked out of the game. So that means you need to become the last player alive if you want to win the battle. Wish you luck!


Use the mouse to control and click to shoot from your orbs.

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