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Date added: 2018-05-05   Times played: 11

About Exocraft.io


Exocraft.io drops you on a planet where you have to mine a lot of precious resources on the surface as you try to direct a mining craft carefully to discover the surroundings. In this browser-based Strategy Asteroids game, you will bump into lots of opponents, so have your skills ready to fight against them. As you explore the planet, you can find many wreckages and crystal points. Be sure to mine resources from these things, collect them as much as possible to power up yourself. You have to stay watchful for the guardians that are protecting the crystal points because they won’t be hesitant to damage your mining craft. This IO game allows you to earn money by selling the resources you collected, then spend your earnings on new equipment to enhance yourself. Don’t forget to buy drones that help you keep your craft safe. Will you be able to rule the entire arena? Give it a go!


Move your mining craft using arrow keys, WASD or the left mouse button. Interact with objects using the left mouse.

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