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Date added: 2018-05-08   Times played: 28

About Raaaaft.io

Raaaaft.io Raaaaft.io is a survival browser-based game where you have to stay on your small raft while moving around the ocean to hunt for resources. You are armed with nothing but just this raft, so you must use it wisely as your means of transportation in this watery world. It’s not easy to survive without any resources. So, you must focus on earning as many resources as possible, then use them to craft a lot of useful items and tools. Don’t forget to collect food to keep yourself healthy, drink water to stay hydrated. These elements are all displayed through the bars which are very crucial to your survival. When you see an enemy, you can attack him/her using your crafted weapons, or you can team up with others to destroy the tougher ones. Another important thing is that you shouldn’t jump out of the raft to swim because you will get attacked by aggressive sharks. Let’s play it now and see how long you will survive!


Use WASD or arrow keys for moving your character. Carry out an action using the left mouse. Collect items using key F. Use an item by pressing number keys, and adjust the zoom’s level by using the mouse wheel scroll.

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