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Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

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Date added: 2018-05-09   Times played: 9

About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is a tough Tower Defense Strategy game about the military. You become a commander of your own army, and you must train the army, build it larger so as to battle against numerous opponents from around the globe. There are various structures for you to generate, like resource production facilities, military training facilities, and even research facilities. Every single building will bring you a different use. Make sure you utilize them wisely to develop your army as well as your economy. Never stop training new units because once they become powerful, they will assist you to vanquish more realms or even the rival bases. You need to grow your strategies through over time, then use them to cope with the enemies around more easily. Your only objective is to establish your dominance on the whole land and become the best commander of all. Get ready for the challenges! Have fun!


Interact with your army, units, objects using the left mouse button only.

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