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Date added: 2018-05-14   Times played: 16

About Zorelit.io


Fly into space to battle against numerous enemies in Zorelit.io! Surely you will have a lot of fun playing this awesome 2D Shooter Space game. You fly around with your spacecraft to shoot down all enemies using various strong weapons, like lasers, torpedoes, or even missiles. Focus on the battle and shoot accurately to wipe out the rivals before you get eliminated. There are plenty of scattered weapons that you can find around the galaxy. Feel free to pick them up, then use them to power up yourself. Don’t forget to gather numerous orbs either because they can help grow your level as well as increase the power of your ship. Keep an eye on the surroundings as you make your way through this vast galaxy. You have to fight and survive until you make it to the top of the leaderboard for the galaxy domination. Get ready for the fight! Wish you luck!


Direct your spaceship using the mouse. Click left mouse or use key Q for shooting, click right mouse or use key W for using a skill. Press spacebar for locking a direction, utilize an emoticon using number keys 1-4.

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