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Date added: 2018-05-30   Times played: 15

About YORG.io


In Yorg.io, you are going to face waves after waves of zombies and wicked opponents in an intense battle. Have your strategies with abilities ready for this! You need to make a lot of protective structures as well as enlarge a base for your survival. But to do these, you will start building extractors that produce raw materials, then you can collect them all. Make sure that all the extractors are well-connected so as to generate a useful network of resource center, which brings more cash to you. After earning a good amount of cash, you can purchase some protective structures to keep your base safe from the deadly zombies. Do not let any enemies attack the base, or else you will die, and have no chance to rule the arena. Try your hardest to fight them off as much as you can, remain alive longer to become the winner of this combat.


Click left mouse button to interact with objects and position a building.

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