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Date added: 2018-06-01   Times played: 18

About NitroDrift.io


It’s time to prove your driving skill in a nice car battle game called Nitrodrift.io. You have a car bumper which must be used and controlled wisely to demolish other opponents. Try to drive it around the map carefully, then, quickly annihilate the enemy car with just only one touch from your bumper. This is strong enough to take them out, however, you still have to watch out for others because they probably take this chance to attack you, and if they do, you may die! There are plenty of nuts dispersed around the floor, go pick them up to grow the size of your bumper and increase your strength too. Nitro boost is featured in this IO, so use it when you want to catch the prey up or make a rapid escape from a dangerous case. The goal here is to climb the top where you can rule the arena!


Move around the map with your car using the mouse. Press spacebar or click left mouse for dashing.

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