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Date added: 2018-06-13   Times played: 9

About MobSmash.io

Join Mobsmash.io and get ready to fight off against many skilled rivals! In this epic strategy free-for-all game, you will direct a wave of units trying to hunt for a lot of wild animals while collecting many resources for more XP as well as for growing your mob size. Make sure that your units are all strong enough before you enter the fight with others. The main task here is to build your ultimate dominance in the arena, and for that, you have to destroy everything getting in your pathway. Focus on killing other mobs to earn a good amount of cash, then use it to purchase further units, or you can enhance the power of your mob. Do you think you will be able to vanquish the land and earn yourself the biggest mob? You should start engaging in the game now, fight with good strategies then find your answer. Good luck!


Click left mouse button for moving your horde, and use the ultimate skill by clicking the right mouse.

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