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Date added: 2018-06-14   Times played: 13

About Sworm.io

Sworm.io is another snake-like adventure game pitting you against many lots of worms controlled by real human players. After the success of Slither.io, there are plenty of Slither Style IO games released, and this one is no exception. You control your own worm around the map trying to absorb many minerals dispersed on the ground for growing size, and also, you need to grab many power-ups to strengthen yourself. When you bump into an enemy snake, you should quickly cut him using your strategies. This will cause him to die, then, you can take his mass. But be careful if someone is trying to do the same to you. If you get cut, your game will be over, forcing you to begin from scratch again. Don’t forget to speed up your worm to chase the enemies or get away from dangers. You must survive until you reach the top. Good luck!


Direct your worm with the mouse. Speed it up using key W or left mouse button. Press spacebar or click right mouse to cut the enemies.

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